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Rickards Warns "Prepare For A Chinese Maxi-Devaluation" - Zerohedge

"China’s economy is not just about providing jobs, goods and services. It is about regime survival for a Chinese Communist Party that faces an existential crisis if it fails to deliver. The overriding imperative of the Chinese leadership is to avoid societal unrest."  "Essentially, China is on the horns of a dilemma with no good way out. On the one hand, China has driven growth for the past eight years with excessive credit, wasted infrastructure investment and Ponzi schemes." Source:  Rickards Warns "Prepare For A Chinese Maxi-Devaluation" - Zerohedge

Full ECB Preview And Draghi Scenario Analysis - Zerohedge

Capitalism: Why Chile Is So Much Richer Than Venezuela - Zerohedge

Venezuela's annual inflation rate at 42.500% - Prof. Steve Hanke Twitter

Salario Minimo Mensual en Venezuela: $0,13 - Dolar Today Twitter

1 euro = 4.07 million Bolivares - Dolar Today

Source: Dolar Today

JIM ROGERS - 26 May 2018 - The Next Economic Problem Will Be The Worst In Our Lifetime!

JIM ROGERS - 21 May 2018 - There May Be No One To Sell To In The Next Crisis!