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For establishing a contact if interested on the Macroeconomic Analysis of the globally integretated financial markets, on the flow of capital influencing the currency cycle and on the Emerging Invest project for bridging the advanced to the emerging economies, you are warmly welcome to contact:
lucabindi (Skype)

If interested in the Bindi Hypothesis, I would be delighted to be contacted either by mail or through my Skype. I may speak in Italian or English, also in French and Spanish.


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Fitch Ratings-New York-11 December 2017: The total amount of global negative-yielding sovereign debt remains at elevated levels despite the European Central Bank's (ECB) plan to reduce monthly asset purchases amid improving economic fundamentals in the Eurozone, according to Fitch Ratings. As of Dec. 4, 2017, there was $9.7 trillion of negative-yielding sovereign debt outstanding, up from $9.5 trillion on May 31, 2017 and $9.3 trillion one year ago. Fonte: Fitch: $9.7T of Neg Yielding Debt Despite Monetary Normalization