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My Projects

I am currently working on establishing a bakery and butchery business in Myanmar aimed at serving both its domestic demand, also the Chinese, Indian and the ASEAN economies through the export to those economies of the tradable goods that are produced in Myanmar.

As part of my project, I am also considering the economy of Venezuela, once the issue of the restructuring of its foreign debt is solved and the government reforms the economy for being orientated to the free market with the full enforcement of the private property rights. Also Tanzania, that is the member of the East African Community, once the devaluation of its currency and the adoption of fiscal austerity measures are enacted in order to rebalance its commercial deficit on the current account.

Both the bakery and butchery projects are aimed at producing high quality products with the highest affordability and food security standards on the market.

These are expected to commence by the end of 2020, as  for benefiting from the streghtening of the euro currency due to the inflow of capital from those less competitive economies with a current account deficit - namely that are damaged by asset bubbles veiling the underling financial fragilities eventually leading to the correction of the market values of those overvalued financial systems - are expected for the next few years starting from 2017-18.

Moreover, I am aimed at constantly developing an up-to-date macroeconomic and financial analysis on the most recent monetary developments at the global level, monitoring the global financial system and the flows of capital, in order to support the creation of an investment group from the periphery of the eurozone - that currently benefits from a global reserve currency - for investing into the emerging and the developing economies. Further information may be found on the Emerging Invest website.


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